Equipment by Mego Afek


The Lympha Press Optimal® is a pressure controlled device featuring Pretherapy treatment for home care patients as well as for clinics.

The Pretherapy Treatment is a gentle massage of the proximal lymphatics, with the purpose of priming the lymph vessels prior to the full treatment, based on MLD (manual lymph drainage) techniques.

Pretherapy starts the treatment at the proximal end of the treated limb. Lympha Press® Optimal® then moves on to the main treatment, either sequential buildup pressure, or Wave peristaltic massage.

New Features:

Comfy® Leg Sleeve is a multiple air-cell compression garment for the treatment of full legs - foot, calf & thigh.

Use Comfy Leg Sleeve® with Mego Afek Devices:

Lympha Press® Plus | Lympha Press® Optimal | Lympha Press® Mini | Lympha Press® Wave | Lympha Press®103

Instructions for wearing the Comfy® Leg Sleeve:

Open the main zipper half way and pull the Comfy® Leg Sleeve over your leg.
Zip up the zipper.
If the sleeve is too small, add Parallel Expander® or Tapered Expander®