Lympha Press Optimal

Lympha Press Optimal


The Lympha Press Optimal® is a pressure controlled device featuring Pretherapy treatment for home care patients as well as for clinics.

The Pretherapy Treatment is a gentle massage of the proximal lymphatics, with the purpose of priming the lymph vessels prior to the full treatment, based on MLD (manual lymph drainage) techniques.

Pretherapy starts the treatment at the proximal end of the treated limb. Lympha Press® Optimal® then moves on to the main treatment, either sequential buildup pressure, or Wave peristaltic massage.

New Features:

Pressure controlled device
Pretherapy cycle preceding all treatments.
Pretherapy cycle override option.
Informative LCD screen.
Remote control pause switch.
Quick-connect connector for hose bundles.

Other Features:

Up to 24 overlapping air cells per compression garment.
Fully variable pressure range 20 to 90 mmHg.
User friendly - easy to use.
Compact, easy to store.
Sturdy and reliable.
Can treat up to two limbs simultaneously
Compatible with most Lympha Press garments.
Easy reading controls.

Lympha Press® Optimal treatment cycles:

Pretherapy Cycle
Lympha Gradient Cycle (sequential)
Wave® Cycle (peristaltic dynamic compression)

The Gradient feature is built into the device treatment cycles. The device ensures that the pressure applied is gradually lowered as the compression sequence advances upward the limb. The gradient steps and pressures can be calibrated either on the device, or with the help of easy to use PC software.