Systematic early recognition of skin cancer

microDERM is a professional imaging system for progressive early recognition of skin cancer and image documentation.

The microDERM imaging system was developed within the course of the worldwide largest study for computer-assisted early recognition of skin cancer - „DANAOS“.

Accent Ultra V is Alma Lasers most advanced workstation for face and body contouring and aesthetic enhancement.

Combining technologies that until now were found in three seperate systems, the new Accent Ultra V supports 3 distinct treatment modalities, and 10 interchangeable handpieces. The Accent Ultra V is the most complete platform available today for aesthetic professionals interested in body contouring and treating difficult skin conditions.

Harmony Family Cosmetic Laser Systems

Minimize Your Comsetic Laser Investment, Maximize Your Aesthetic offerings

The Harmony Family platforms provide 11 distinct technologies and the ability to treat 70 popular indications and applications with one cosmetic laser system. This flexibility allows you to minimize your investment in aesthetics while meeting the widest range of your patients' aesthetic needs.

Pixel CO2 Fractional Laser Solution

The Power of CO2, the Performance of Pixel

The Pixel®  CO2 system is the perfect system for any practice looking to offer fractionated CO2 laser treatments. Representing the best of both worlds for skin resurfacing, Pixel CO2 combines the proven effectiveness of an ablative approach with a level of patient comfort and convenience that approaches a non-ablative solution. Pixel CO2 offers: