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Harmony Family


Harmony Family Cosmetic Laser Systems

Minimize Your Comsetic Laser Investment, Maximize Your Aesthetic offerings

The Harmony Family platforms provide 11 distinct technologies and the ability to treat 70 popular indications and applications with one cosmetic laser system. This flexibility allows you to minimize your investment in aesthetics while meeting the widest range of your patients' aesthetic needs.


Laser360iQ™ is a popular treatment for people looking to Improve their appearance. Providers utlizie 4 technologies and customize the procedure to the specific needs of patients. Laser360iQ™ meets the key needs of aging skin and can be customized to meet each patient's specific needs. Use it to treat areas such as the face, neck, chest and hands, or anywhere the skin has been touched by age or photo-damage.

Laser360iQ™ Technologies

Multiple technologies can be combined during a single session or spread out over 60 days.

  • When performed in a single treatment session, the Mini Laser 360iQ program consists of a layered pass of AFT,  NIRPixelQSW and iPixelER.
  • The complete Laser360iQ treatment consists of 4-6 treatment sessions utilizing select combinations of technologies (AFT,  NIR, PixelQSW and iPixelER), spaced about 10-15 days apart over a 60-day period.

Pain Free, Hair Free™ - Laser Hair Removal

The addition of the new virtually painless hair removal AFT 650 handpiece brings the innovative Pain-Free, Hair-Free™ laser hair removal treatment to the HarmonyXL platform. Formerly available only with the Soprano Family of Products, Pain-Free, Hair-Free treatments are the only laser hair removal treatments to be virtually painless with no topical chillers or bulky external devices. Pain-Free, Hair-Free treatments provide your business a best-in-class treatment offering to differentiate you from other hair removal providers.

Other In-Demand Applications / Harmony Family Handpieces: