Large capacity round chamber – from 75 up to 200 liters.
Focused design – the 75 liters unit fits exactly 1 STU.
Easy to use – one touch operation.
Fast and economical – sterilization cycles from 21 minutes with advanced water and energy saving systems.
Best solution – for hospitals, medical centers and as secondary sterilizers for emergency cases at Operating Theaters.

Voltage  220-240 V / 100-120 V 
Frequency  50/60 Hz  
Dimensions (WxDxH) in 355 x 415 x 205 Cwithout filter) mm 
Weight approx. 8.4 kg without filter 
Weight approx. 9.1 kg with filter
Sound pressure level <55 dB CA)


Already in 2007 the Robert-Koch-Institute pointed out the danger of surgical smoke.

Völker hospital bed model Vis-a-Vis.
For increased mobility.

Sitting up in a conventional hospital bed can be very painful, e.g. after abdominal surgery. But this is exactly when such patients’ mobility should be increased. After all, compensatory care can lead to increased need for care, requiring more time and effort and a longer length of stay.

NEW Features:

-     15" TFT with 10 waveforms 

High-end parameters:EtCO2(SideStream, MicroStrean,MainStream) , Multi-gas/O2,SD memory card
 Powerful software features:OxyCRG,large font,short trend,and drug calculation
Pitch tone for audibly recognized SpO2
 Maxmum 168-hour trends review

- Wire or wireless networking

Standard configuration:

ECG, RESP, SPO2, TEMP, PR, NIBP, Lithium Battery

Thermal Recorder, Nellcor SPO2, 2-IBP, EtCO2 (SideStream, MicroStrean,MainStream ), Multigas/O2, SD Memory Card

- designed for phlebology

With its smooth electric height and tilt adjustment (from near vertical to horizontal and even further into the shock position, tilted 20° negative), the two-piece AGA-PHLEBO-LIFT (Article No. VEKO-1060/EE) is a table specifically intended for use in phlebology and dermatology.

The wide table base is equipped with an additional pull-out support rod to ensure further stability, even in near vertical positioning (74°) and under stress.

The Dispenser DP 30 is a universally usable and controllable infiltration pump which is highly suitable for deployment in tumescent and in vein treatments.
The percentual infiltration amount is controlled usning the rotary potentiometer or the ON/OFF pedal as well as the Vario Pedal (up to 17 l/h).


4047 - Receptacle small

4056 - Receptacle big 

both for Vacuson bottle lid


6022 Disposable tube set

for Infiltration pump DP 20 / Vacuson 60 LP 

Is not sold in or to Belgium and Germany for Vacuson 60 LP! 


6026 - Disposable tube set

From conform cannulae handpiece to Vacuson 60 LP
length 4 m
duble packed
6 x 9 x 4000 mm

Is not sold in or to Belgium and Germany for Vacuson 60 LP!