S90 Express Multi-Parameter Patient Monitor

S90 Express Multi-Parameter Patient Monitor


NEW Features:

-     15" TFT with 10 waveforms 

High-end parameters:EtCO2(SideStream, MicroStrean,MainStream) , Multi-gas/O2,SD memory card
 Powerful software features:OxyCRG,large font,short trend,and drug calculation
Pitch tone for audibly recognized SpO2
 Maxmum 168-hour trends review

- Wire or wireless networking

Standard configuration:

ECG, RESP, SPO2, TEMP, PR, NIBP, Lithium Battery

Thermal Recorder, Nellcor SPO2, 2-IBP, EtCO2 (SideStream, MicroStrean,MainStream ), Multigas/O2, SD Memory Card

Standard accessories list:

5- lead ECG cable (1)
NIBP tube and Cuff (1)
Temp probe (1)
Internal Battery (1)
ECG Electrodes (10PCS)
SPO2 probe (1)