Dispenser DP 30

Dispenser DP 30


The Dispenser DP 30 is a universally usable and controllable infiltration pump which is highly suitable for deployment in tumescent and in vein treatments.
The percentual infiltration amount is controlled usning the rotary potentiometer or the ON/OFF pedal as well as the Vario Pedal (up to 17 l/h).


Best price/performance ratio
Universal and flexible applicable
Easy handling with low mantenance effort
Efficient compared with the time consuming injection of the infiltration solution
Continuously variable and precisely adjustable suction performance
Simplified liposuktion due to lipolyzes
Reliable, approved and stable technology 

The pump capacity is up to 17 liters per hour at a pressure of 1.5 bar. Working with the pedal lets you use your hands for the essential tasks. The pump works unobtrusively in the background with a low noise level, which makes it an ideal companion in every operation theater.