Comfy Leg sleeve

Comfy Leg sleeve


Comfy® Leg Sleeve is a multiple air-cell compression garment for the treatment of full legs - foot, calf & thigh.

Use Comfy Leg Sleeve® with Mego Afek Devices:

Lympha Press® Plus | Lympha Press® Optimal | Lympha Press® Mini | Lympha Press® Wave | Lympha Press®103

Instructions for wearing the Comfy® Leg Sleeve:

Open the main zipper half way and pull the Comfy® Leg Sleeve over your leg.
Zip up the zipper.
If the sleeve is too small, add Parallel Expander® or Tapered Expander®


Use while lying down with a straight leg.
Wear cotton pants.


It is possible to simultaneously operate two Comfy® Leg Sleeves using the additional air outlet located on the device. If only one sleeve is used, seal the second air outlet with the 12-prong plug supplied with the device.

Connecting the Hose Bundle

Insert the hose bundle connector into the corresponding air outlet of the device making sure you hear a “click”.

Disconnecting the Hose Bundle

Press down the snap to release the hose bundle and gently pull out the bundle from the device.